Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Letter 2015, Baby!

Well this year has been anything but boring.... I'll break it down:

January: Cha' Cha' Cha' Changes

Me and my pit bull, Maddie, bought a new house in Gilbert - I LOVE IT!

February: A decorating whirl!

 I went from room to room painting, carpeting, bedding, re-painting and rugging, you name it, it got done, and I LOVED every minute of it. In the midst of this chaos, a friend could no longer keep her dog, Maeva, and asked if I would take her. ... well, I fell in love.

Just look at that little Maeva face!

March- Bring on the cruise, baby!

I finally did it! I went on a California Cruise with my best girlfriends, Cyndi and Stephanie. OH THE FUN WE HAD!!  Shopping, sailing and eating = good times.

May, June, July: Concert, concerts, concerts and a birthday present from Utah.

I had a BLAST this year going to concerts. With Groupons and bunch of awesome friends (and sister), we saw Garth, Brad, Annabelle, Trombone Shorty.. uh, just to name a few.

As if 2 dogs weren't enough, my birthday trip to Utah to see my wonderful friends, Carla and Trevor, had me returning to AZ with my pup, Milo... Just look at that puppy face!

While in Utah, We did the Relay for Life, which is a 24 hour walk. IT WAS EXHAUSTING, and by the morning our "trash was kicked" (A Carla-ism) but still it was so much fun to do so much good on my birthday. ... I love you Carla and Trevor!

August - So hot!

These Summer months were HOT, but with a little water and a quest for adventure, Steph and I, along with her sister Michelle and her kids, made our way to the lake for a little paddle boarding:


This is how hot it was this Summer.... Poor Maeva!

September: Will the heat never end!

Unable to STILL go outside, we opted for an inside adventure - Indoor Skydiving. Check out those sexy suits!

October: Finally cool enough to party!

I have had the opportunity to be a Sunday School teacher to the 15-year old's this year. They are a wild bunch that I just love to pieces. I threw a "get to know your neighbor" party for them in hopes they would bring a friend. They did, and we had FUN!!

Even creepy cat Lucy got into the spirit of things... she's the one dressed as a pumpkin.

November: Settling in to this new lovely life

By fall things have calmed down.The decorating is almost done (yeah right!), and the need for some professional dog training has become CLEAR AS GLASS! Still, just look at those faces!
, I don't have kids, I believe that's obvious.

December: Homemade Crapmas

Like with everything in 2015, my girls and I ended the year with an adventure...of sorts. We decided to try our hand at homemade gifts. First came the pottery wheel... not like the movie Ghost at all! So, we moved along on to something, we thought, would be more easy- painting... not a little better but still FUN!

And, even creepy cat Lucy got into the Christmas spirit.

Yes! Yes! Yes! I have had a crazy, chaotic, amazing, blessed, incredible year, and I am grateful, grateful for each and every day of it. ... You just never know what life will bring you, whatever it may be, it's ALWAYS better with friends.

*As promise for 2016, I will be a little more diligent at keeping this blog up so that my fabulous friends and family that are so far away can keep tabs on my adventures.

Merry Christmas!!